Free Comic Book Day and Beyond!

Hello Friends Long time no update! Happy FCBD! We have a sweet new release for you, but first some news. A lot has happened behind the scenes and in front of the scenes in the last 6 months. Some good, some bad, but all important. So, let’s get to the most important news!! King Bone…

More Digital Releases!!! KBPresents 5 and 6 are out now!!!

Pardon all the exclamations, but we are pretty excited about the conclusion of our most current arc of KBPresents! King Bone Presents #5 MITTS, the hard boiled anthropomorphic crime comic continues by Dave Jordan (Where Do We Go From Here, Sadman). UNDERSTAND continues to make us question if we understand at all, by John Karnes (Jerks In…

My Hero -free digital comic

It’s finally here! Thank you all for your patience, the final book is complete. Please give us your feedback and we hope you all enjoy it! Please check our store for other new product Thanks again!

Indie Comix Expo

Indie Comix Expo and #kbpsketchdrive

Hello good people! Well, ICE is over and we had a blast! Thank you to everyone who came out, supported, reposted, talked about or even thought about ICE. We could not have predicted the support we would get for our first show. Special thanks to Adam Warrock, Mega Ran and Chochise Soulstar for absolutely dominating…

New Comics