ICE and KBPresents issue 1

Big day here at headquarters! We have the final 24 of our funded (thank you!) Kickstarter for Indie Comic Expo, and we are debuting our new book.

KBPresents issue 1!


King Bone Press Presents #1

The minds and talents that brought you…
Bulletproof Chicken
The Servant
and Caperbet
Bring you an anthology like no other.

Digital Only
36 pages
Full Color

Featuring stories by Jon Westhoff, Bryan Boles, John Boren, Ray Wegner, Harry Moyer, James and Jason Ford, Felipe Anguiano and cover by Bobgar Ornelas.

And don’t forget we released b-one issue 8 and Hellbillies issues 2 and 3!!

And please check back on the site, if you miss the KS for ICE. There will be more ICE goodies to come.

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