More Digital Releases!!! KBPresents 5 and 6 are out now!!!

Pardon all the exclamations, but we are pretty excited about the conclusion of our most current arc of KBPresents!

King Bone Presents #5

MITTS, the hard boiled anthropomorphic crime comic continues by Dave Jordan (Where Do We Go From Here, Sadman). UNDERSTAND continues to make us question if we understand at all, by John Karnes (Jerks In Space).  Westhoff & Ornelas (Bulletproof Chicken) Bring you another installment of their slice of end of the world life in MEH…ADVENTURES and we are joined by Tim O’Briant (BDR, MAPS) for a short story called FUTURE HUNT.  Stunning cover by John Bishop! 28 pages! Only $.99!!


King Bone Presents #6

The conclusion of stories by Dave Jordan (Where Do We Go From Here, Sadman), John Karnes (Jerks In Space), and Westhoff & Ornelas (Bulletproof Chicken). Plus a new short by Tim O’Briant (BDR, MAPS) called MOONBABIES! As always it’s wrapped in a stunning cover by John Bishop! 33 pages!! Only $.99!!
Currently these are exclusive to Comixology. We are still a young publisher and we are trying this digital only route. Let us know if this doesn’t work for you. We appreciate any feedback.
So please pick these up and let us know what you think. As always you can visit our store and our comixology store front for pixels or paper products a plenty.
Send us a picture of your purchase and we will send you a free digital pdf of our World’s Strongest mailman collected edition!
Thanks a bunch!