Free Comic Book Day and Beyond!

Hello Friends Long time no update!

Happy FCBD! We have a sweet new release for you, but first some news.

A lot has happened behind the scenes and in front of the scenes in the last 6 months. Some good, some bad, but all important. So, let’s get to the most important news!!

King Bone Press Welcomes Jason Ford as a partner/co-publisher.

Anyone who has followed the company over the past 7 years knows that Bob and Jon have slowed down in production over the past year or so. While we feel we have continued to put out quality books, we began to understand that regular output and community engagement have gone down. It was important to us to be able to continue to put out quality books on a more regular basis and also to partner with someone who shared in the values of KBP, while bringing a unique set of ideas to our brand. It was easy to decide that no one could fill that role better than Jason Ford. Jason has worked with us before, as you may recognize his work from KBPresents, as well as his own great books. Legal speak aside, Jason is as good of a human as we could have asked to partner with and we know he will help King Bone Press to be even better and brighter. It was a no-brainer.

So, please join us in officially welcoming Jason to the KBP family on his twitter or any of our social media pages.


Free Stuff!

We have decided to participate in the great holiday of Free Comic Book Day!*


Hellbillies 1/2

We are goin’ back to the beginnin’! Well, sort of. This is a little story about when Mary and the Conway’s first started their team up against the terrors of the night.

Hellbillies 1/2

  • Story and Letters by Jon Westhoff
  • Art, Logos and Cover by Bryan Boles
  • Interior colors by Timothy O’Briant

This 15 page story takes you back to when the gang first met. It’s our way of giving current readers some more back story and giving new reader a place to start at no cost. Click the cover or click here to download for free, and please share with a friend!




Two guys walk into a bar. Boozehounds is our one panel strip about just that. The entire library of strip is available by clicking the cover or clicking here.


Written and illustrated by Bobgar Ornelas
with additional strips featuring the talents of
Bryan Boles
John Boren
Don Cardenas
Wendi Freeman
Felipe Garza
Robert Hafferman
Rich Johannsen
Harry Moyer
Mat Nixon
Timothy O’Briant
James Riley
Juan Rios
Lawrence Rosales
Andrew Sanford
Andy Tom
Sean Wedding
Jon Westhoff
OG Wheels



WE ARE HAVING A SALE! Head over to the storefront where we have discounted almost every book we have in stock. Bundle deals on Hellbillies and World’s Strongest Mailman, as well!

Thank you for reading this post and checking out our books. Please use these images to promote and review only. There is more to come from KBP in the future and we are excited for this start to our 2017 library.



*free comic book day is a trademark of the diamond corporation