New Releases for 9/6/17 and a New Store!

New Digital issues for 9/6/17


We are very proud to see the release of another Harry Moyer book via KBP and the arrival of The Servant with KBP


A 3 story anthology by Harry Moyer, featuring small tales of personal fears and an adaptation of a silly classic.

$1, digital. 24 pages. B/W.

The Servant 4

Six brother’s continue on their quest….

The high fantasy adventure is now being published by KBP, but you can expect the same high quality table top inspired humor and adventure here with us!

Full color/28 pages

Written by Jason Ford

Art by Felipe Anguiano

Letters by Mira Mortal

Variant Cover by Ray Wegner

b-one now in digital!!!

The book that started it all at KBP is finally available in the pixels! Get b-one 1-11, the amazing anthology series, beginning to end in digital now. Filled with so many great stories and focusing mainly on the high schoolers in Bobgar Ornelas’ “Stonebrook Tales”, b-one is a sure fire hit with fans on indie comix. And the best part is, we have amazing bundle deals¬†HERE for all the issues.


Hellbillies 9 is now on comixology

If you prefer to get you books on the mix, we got you covered. Get the 9th issue of our southern horror/humor book HERE!



You can get our newest releases and many more of our titles at our new GUMROAD store. We have great bundle deals and plan to post more there each month, including exclusively posting all new issues, so please follow us there or sign up for our mailing list so you don’t miss a KBPage!


See you next month for the release of Kingdom of Skulls by Ray Wegner!