New Releases 10/25/17!

The final books of our 2017 season are here! It has been an exciting year at KBP and we are so proud to cap it off with 2 great books.

Hellbillies 10 DIGITAL

Whiskey and Women part 2 of 3!

Our Mysterious Cajun baddie has shown he has power, unanticipated by the Conway brigade. Can Eustace figure out how to get Mary out of the boiling pot or is she as good as gumbo?



Welcome to the Kingdom of Skulls! Learn the origins of a mysterious land and the ancient artifact known as The Skull Crown. Three stories take you on a journey through the legacy of a powerful bloodline.

Print edition!

36 pages!

ART and Story- Ray Wegner

Pin ups- Bobgar Ornelas, Daniel White and Ryan Lee



So check them out! And fear not, we will be updating you loyal fans all winter on our 2018 books and look for our new trading card series on Facebook and other social media.