The Servant 4

Story by Jason FordArt by Felipe AnguianoLetters by Mira MortalCover by Felipe Anguiano, Ray Wegner


Six brother’s continue on their quest….

For the first time The Sevant comes to KBP!

Full color/28 pages

Written by Jason Ford

Art by Felipe Anguiano

Letters by Mira Mortal

Variant Cover by Ray Wegner



Print edition 10/2017!!


Story by Harry MoyerArt by Harry MoyerColors by Harry MoyerLetters by Harry MoyerFeaturing Harry MoyerCover by Harry Moyer

A 3 story anthology by Harry Moyer, featuring small tales of personal fears and an adaptation of a silly classic

24 pages B/W Digital

b-one #11

Story by Bobgar OrnelasArt by Bobgar Ornelas

The final entry in this comics anthology! Catch up with Manuel, Chivo, Demi, and friends and saw goodbye (for now) in two Stonebrook Tales stories. Also featured are two horror shorts that may just have you questioning your sanity!


Genre: slice of life, humor, horror, Sci-FiFor Fans Of: Hate, Love and Rockets, Lowlife, Solo (DC)Age Range: Adult

Hellbilies FCBD 1/2

We are goin’ back to the beginnin’! Well, sort of. This is a little story about when Mary and the Conway’s first started their team up against the terrors of the night.

Hellbillies 1/2

  • Story and Letters by Jon Westhoff
  • Art, Logos and Cover by Bryan Boles
  • Interior colors by Timothy O’Briant

This 15 page story takes you back to when the gang first met. It’s our way of giving current readers some more back story and giving new reader a place to start at no cost. Click to download!!!!

Genre: Humor, horrorFor Fans Of: HeckAge Range: 12+

Hellbillies 9

Story by Jon Westhoff Art by Bryan BolesColors by Timothy O'BriantLetters by Jon Westhoff Featuring Felipe Anguiano- PIN UPCover by Bryan Boles

whiskey and women part 1 of 3

The Conway’s have disbanded! Eustace isn’t about to let this band break up, but he may need a woman’s touch to keep the family together.

If you’re down, you can always go further south.

Lettered by Jon Westhoff
Art/Script by Bryan Boles
Pin up by Felipe Anguiano
Colors by Timothy O’Briant/Bryan Boles
18 pages, full color