Story by Jon WesthoffArt by Harry MoyerColors by Harry MoyerLetters by Jon Westhoff Cover by Harry Moyer

In the city of Heistburg, you’re on the take or you’re taken out. Guns are out, but crime is in and when you come to this town, you’d better fit in. The only law is that there is loyalty among the gangs of the ‘Burg.

Trust is everything to liars, cheats and thieves.

Written/lettered by Jon Westhoff
Art/story by Harry Moyer

28 pages, full color

Age Range: 13+

Hellbillies #10

Story by Jon WesthoffArt by Bryan BolesColors by Timothy O'BriantLetters by Jon WesthoffCover by Bryan Boles

Whiskey and Women part 2 of 3!

Our Mysterious Cajun baddie has shown he has power, unanticipated by the Conway brigade. Can Eustace figure out how to get Mary out of the boiling pot or is she as good as gumbo?

Genre: humor, horrorAge Range: 13+

Kingdom of Skulls

Story by Ray WegnerArt by Ray WegnerColors by Ray WegnerLetters by Ray WegnerFeaturing Ryan Lee, Daniel White, Bobgar OrnelasCover by Ray Wegner

Welcome to the Kingdom of Skulls! Learn the origins of a mysterious land and the ancient artifact known as The Skull Crown. Three stories take you on a journey through the legacy of a powerful bloodline.

36 pages!

ART and Story- Ray Wegner

Pin ups- Bobgar Ornelas, Daniel White and Ryan Lee

Genre: science fiction, horrorFor Fans Of: skullsAge Range: 13+

The Servant 4

Story by Jason FordArt by Felipe AnguianoLetters by Mira MortalCover by Felipe Anguiano, Ray Wegner


Six brother’s continue on their quest….

For the first time The Sevant comes to KBP!

Full color/28 pages

Written by Jason Ford

Art by Felipe Anguiano

Letters by Mira Mortal

Variant Cover by Ray Wegner



Print edition 10/2017!!


Story by Harry MoyerArt by Harry MoyerColors by Harry MoyerLetters by Harry MoyerFeaturing Harry MoyerCover by Harry Moyer

A 3 story anthology by Harry Moyer, featuring small tales of personal fears and an adaptation of a silly classic

24 pages B/W Digital