Bandthology #1

“Full of garage rock energy! It's Ramones, not Electric Light Orchestra.” - Gene Ha

Featuring Dan Dougherty, Matt Collander, John Cardinal, Wendi Freeman, Mat Nixon, Jon Westhoff, Bobgar Ornelas, Lauren Burke, Greg Sorkin, Tony Maldonado, Andrew Vanderbilt

It simply isn’t enough to have one passion in life anymore. With that in mind, King Bone Press is proud to bring you an anthology created with a love for music and comics in mind. Struggling musicians, turned struggling comic creators unite to bring a multitude of unique stories. This 36 page anthology comic features a set list you won’t wanna miss. It is jamming with stories all about music!

Genre: Anthology/MusicFor Fans Of: Scott Pilgrim, Love and Rockets, Dark Horse PresentsAge Range: 16+

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