Bulletproof Chicken: Nuggets

Story by Jon Westhoff and Bobgar OrnelasArt by Mat Nixon, Bobgar Ornelas, Jon Lennon and Ray WegnerFeaturing Monsta, Tim O'Briant, John Bishop, Harry Moyer, Robert Hafferman, Bryan Boles, and Ryan Lee

This deep fried anthology book kicks off with the direct sequel to the events of the last book with excellent art by returning artist Mat Nixon. Co-creator Bobgar Ornelas will also be returning to take BPC back to the old days with 2 prequel tales. Jon Lennon joins the team to bring you a short story too hot for solicits. To wrap it all up, Ray Wegner will display some sizzlin’ sequentials that will change BPC forever!

Genre: ActionAge Range: 16+

Bulletproof Chicken #1

Story by Jon WesthoffArt by Bobgar Ornelas and Mat NixonColors by David HalvorsonLetters by Jon Westhoff

Some say he is a force of nature. Others say he is a reject of a hormone injected time gone by. The facts are, he’s the most unstoppable cop on the force. This high octane splatterfest will follow BPC and his partner as they battle the notorious Fuster Cluck gang. A 32 1/3 page one shot comic featuring a tale of the cock with a glock. He’s bulletproof, you’re fried.

Genre: ActionFor Fans Of: Hard Boiled, Officer Downe, Seabear and GrizzlysharkAge Range: 16+