King Bone Presents #3

Story by Bryan Boles, Jason Ford, Jon WesthoffEdited by Jason Ford and Jon WesthoffArt by Bryan Boles, Bobgar OrnelasFeaturing John Boren, Ray Wegner, Harry Moyer, James and Jason Ford, Felipe Anguiano, Timothy O'Briant

This issue includes the story arc conclusions for Horatio, Sully, Free Reign, and Kingdom of Skulls! That’s not all, you also get three new complete features; Hellbillies: Rocksalt and Nails, Dog’s Day and a new 12 page Bulletproof Chicken epic!

That’s 56 pages of pure independent comic goodness for the low, low, price. The best bang for your digital only anthology buck!

Genre: AnthologyAge Range: 12+

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